Leo Dehon was born in La
Capelle in the north of
France on 14 March 1843.
He founded the Congregation of the Sacred
Heart Fathers (Dehonians) in 1878.



He based his life on the
Heart of Christ, on
compassion, love of truth
and concern for all who
suffer, no matter what the
causes of their oppression.



Leo Dehon stood out among
his contemporaries in his
concern for the social
injustices of his time. He
sought to bring about the
kingdom of Christ in
society - a kingdom of
justice, goodness , and
solidarity with all peoples,
especially those who suffer.



Today, we Sacred Heart
Fathers strive to continue
in this way, as part of an
international community of
Priest and Brothers with an
openness that leads to a
willingness to work in other
countries when necessary.



In 1997 Leo Dehon was
declared Venerable by the